For local authorities



Collection of household packaging

Recyclable materials

  • paper and board (5.02, 5.0.3)
  • cartons from waste drop-off centers
  • plastic bottles and jars (PET and HDPE), as well as jars and trays stipulated France’s extended sorting guidelines
  • ferrous and non-ferrous metals from selective sorting or clinker (steel or aluminum).

The “Operator Recovery Guarantee” or “Professional Federation” in the new eco-organization certification specifications

“Together we give your household packaging waste more value”

By taking recyclable materials from selective waste sorting, EPR pays income to municipalities that helps reduce their overall household waste management budget.

This offer is based on the following key points:

  • Regular review of the reference price with a guaranteed minimum.
  • Traceability and guaranteed certificate opening entitlement to support from eco-organizations.
  • Reliable and durable material purchase offers.
  • Guaranteed payment.

Carbon neutral recovery:

  • Priority given to alternative modes of transportation.
  • Complete summary of carbon emissions associated with loading and transporting the materials based on GHG Tracker results.
  • Complete voluntary offset of any residual carbon emissions and issue of an annual certificate .

EPR has for the past five years provided its suppliers with an annual review of its residual emissions.

Collection of graphic papers

The recyclable materials:

  • newspapers, reviews and magazines (1.11)
  • mixed paper and board (1.02)
  • sorted office paper (2.05 and 2.06)

This offer is based on:

  • regular collections
  • maximum traceability to guarantee financial support from eco-organizations (e.g., Ecofolio organization tasked with promoting paper recycling in France)
  • guaranteed outlet