For buyers & sellers


You are a buyer

Paper groups, plastics industry, steelmakers, particleboard manufacturers, etc.

EPR provides a wide range of services to satisfy its clients’ needs:

  • supply compliant with quality standards,
  • traceability of the recycled materials sold,
  • efficient logistics and administrative service,
  • shipment scheduling and distribution of daily flows.

You are a seller

Industry, local authorities, recycling operators, mass retailers, etc.

EPR provides a wide range of services to satisfy its suppliers’ needs:

  • advice about the most suitable recovery solutions, whatever the materials sent to us,
  • guaranteed outlet for the materials (as we are in contact with numerous buyers, you are guaranteed a permanent outlet for your products),
  • competitive acceptance conditions,
  • an efficient logistics service,
  • compliance with collection times,
  • financial payment guarantee (thanks to our powerful trading structures on international markets and our insurance for the amounts committed),
  • totally transparent management (our reporting and tracking systems allow you to clearly assess our performance and the financial savings generated).